Car Buying Tips For Used Cars or Second Hand Car

Your used cars to be sold , a new car is to come .When selling a used , there are a lot of things to note .The information on this page, you can safely approach to selling your vehicle.
Preparatory acts

The selling price

The most money can be achieved is still in its sale to private individuals.The selling price is always higher than the owners of the listed dealer costs . The reason is that traders must always give a warranty that can cost they pay for themselves from the customers.Before you place the ad, you are concerned about the price !Look to the Internet to find out how a similar car is traded. You can display the value of your used car on the Internet to calculate this is as with DAT free of charge. Set your price to be low, sell my car will be with high probability , but here you give wohlm glich money.

But there are other ways to sell your car . An advertisement in a car magazine in the daily newspaper , in the free advertising paper or on the bulletin board in the supermarket , you should also consider .The advantage of the Internet is the worldwide publication and the setting of multiple images.Do you want to get rid of your little second car is often enough the newspaper.
For exotic or expensive cars in addition should an advert in a national newspaper or magazine ads. Lovers are often prepared to travel far for their dream car.
Show her car from the best:


Cleaning your car out! Most car buyers are not in the trade, when you include mainly the visual condition.a used car is maintained very visually , is the buyer assumes that it is technically in a state as good and paid more for the car.Therefore, you run a car wash by (How to use), and clean the interior (Tips to be found here)

Used Car for Sale Photos

The first impression should vote , which goes beyond well-done photos.
Who offers to his car with a great picture , collects advantages over the competition .

Here’s some tips for good car photos:

Those who heeded this has laid the foundation for a good photo. Basic rule: An indicator always shows the sun , the light is good on the car
The front wheels should be taken in full.
Not too many colors in the background , which detracts from the car. The best blue sky, or a single color , bright wall in the background

Not too close to the car ran, rather far away and take pictures with zoom , which prevents distortion in the image

Besides a good picture it is important to enumerate all the advantages of sell your car . Be not modest.
Mention all extrasWhich were standard on your equipment . Counting from the rims to the cigarette lighter on everything the buyer to get.Be honest with the description, do not withhold any obvious defects. Thus, the buyer subsequently less points to push the price.The buyer often travels long distances , then the car is not as described , may cause understandably angry .

Test drive

Let us show you the test drive before driving licenses and identity of the buyer.
Have someone drive without a license , do as the holder ebenfals punishable.
The car is unregistered, have temporary license plate or a red number are dealer installed.
Important: The insurance covers only if the vehicle data is entered on the papers of the indicator.
Always drive with . Even if the buyer offers to leave papers or credit cards with you could be forged or stolen. Just take with expensive cars is not the car radio with the test ride.
Crooks could steal your letter and the vehicle.


Set the price to be slightly higher than your reserve price , so a little game for action there.
Then the buyer feels better when he has been able to push your price. Sit down but not before a minimum amount, you can not act by shrewd buyers below the minimum . Many professional buyers emerge for two. The job of the second Mannesist it can be nothing good to your sell car . Statements such as “Now we are extra come all the way and had such high travel costs and groaning like you can forget . Do not put themselves under pressure. Stay buys patient, maybe the next caller the car at the stated price

Good luck, you sell your car .

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